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1. Let your website run for a few months with pictures from the reunion. If you can afford it keep website up permanently and update as people give you information.

2. Ask for ideas/recommendations for the next reunion.

3. If this is the first reunion make a box of cards with information on each classmate. With these you can update as the years go on. Have someone keep them who will be responsible for checking the obit section and making update on the cards.

4. You might hand out cards to each classmate with a reminder to let you know if they move or change email. Recommend they keep these cards in their address book.

5. Update your Facebook page with news about your hometown and classmates.

6. Keep any left over monies in an account that will draw you some interest.

7. Have someone keep all the records of the reunion such as budget, payments, letters of registration, etc., in one place.

8. Put your feelers out for anyone interested in being on the next reunion committee.

9. Send thank you's to any teachers that attended, the high school if you toured and any of the venues.

10. Keep an album of all photos, mailers and reunion information.

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