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School Reunion Planning Tips
1. Plan a date depending on the age of your class. If you are of the age with children in school you will want to choose a Summer date. If children would be grown a Fall date is good. Statistics show 23% of reunions are in July and 21% in August.

2. If you are having a theme you might want your stationary, decorations and directory booklet to use the same theme.

3. Plan an entire weekend around your reunion, since many attendees will be traveling from out of town solely for the event.

4. When making name tags, make copies of pictures from the annual and paste the classs picture on the tag. This is fun and helps everyone recognize each other.

5. Create a website for an easy way to keep everyone informed of the reunion plans. Attendees can respond with information, pictures and emails. Place forms, reservation sheets, agendas, memorium lists and lost classmate information online. Consider password protecting bios and other personal information.

6. Send out postcards announcing the date at least 12 months ahead so people can start planning and save for traveling.

7. Place "RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED" above the recipient address on the postcard. This way if their address has changed the card will be returned with an address correction, if available. Print the website address and explain that a reservation and agenda letter will follow with costs and details.

8. You might invite former teachers that still live in town.

9. Reunions should be more casual, relaxing and comfortable, the older you get.

10. When you send out your reservation letter ask questions for a reunion booklet.

11. Consider age when planning events. For 50 plus reunions you probably don't want to have tours that have lots of walking. Then again if you are having a 5 year reunion you might want to plan games at a picnic.

12. You will want to set a fee for couples, a fee for singles, a fee for the full weekend and a fee for one event. Give a definite deadline for reservations and payment. Because you have to rent halls and pay catering you need to emphasize you cannot issue refunds for those who cannot attend.

13. Ask those who cannot attend to send a picture/biography and then create a bulletin board or web page with pictures of those who could not be there.

14. Book all locations months in advance so you are sure to have the best locations.

15. Check local hotels and motels for the best rates and list a few, with their cost, address, phone, fax so classmates can make reservations.

16. You can plan a reunion at the same time as a local centennial or yearly town event. Just make sure you will be able to get room reservations for everyone attending.

17. Place disposable cameras at every table and continually have your MC make announcements reminding attendees to take candid photos of each other. Once the reunion is over, post photos on a website and send links to everyone.

18. Designate different people on your committee to handle assorted projects. Have one main coordinator.

Plan your food menu early and book caterers months ahead.

20. Tracking down lost classmates and addresses can be the toughest project so start as soon as possible.

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