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Planning Your Family Reunion

1. Get a complete list of family members. Be sure you do not forget anyone. Keep the list and refer to it each reunion.

2. Plan a wide variety of fun activities due to the age differences. Have games set up before hand.

3. Beware of the seating arrangments. Keep rival relatives a safe distance apart.

4. create website

5. select committee if more than 25 will attend

6. Scheduling committee meetings and notifying the members of those meetings

7. Making a list of who should do what

8. Keeping a calendar of finished tasks and unfinished business, doing any paper work that needs to be done

9. What type of reunion - theme park, picnic, special location, weekend at hotel, Old Homestead, camping out, cruise, etc

IF your family likes to do one of these then you might consider holding your reunion at the place listed.

total comfort for a few days ----- a hotel or resort
have a waterbound adventure ---- a houseboat or lake resort
go on hikes, biking or horseback---a campground or state park
have a sporting good time --somewhere there are sporting events
thrill the kids --an amusement park
save money-- a neighborhood park, pool or beach
keep things spiritual-- a religious camp or retreat center
be gone for a whole week --a family camp or cottage retreat
work hard --an older relative's home that needs fixing up
investigate your roots --a site linked to your family history
play host and hostess --your own backyard

10. pick a date and give yourself enough lead time to get everything done

11. Set a budget so you can let everyone know how much

12. Decide what you want for Food
-Pot Luck
-Cook out

13. Hire a photographer or choose a family member. Don't forget to give them film or money for developing.

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